PH Guest - Patti’s Perspective

Patti’s Perspective

Shanele Stoll Woman's Wealth

You’ve probably heard about Stephen Covey’s 90/10 principle. The trickier question is, do we live by it? For me, not always, but I’m working on it. Basically, his point is that our experiences in life are 90% how we perceive or react to an event, and 10% is what actually happens to us. Most of the time, the 10% is out of our control. For example, we’ve all been cut off on the freeway, right? That’s the 10% part. Maybe …

Sudden Wealth - Turn Sudden Wealth Into Forever Wealth

Turn Sudden Wealth Into Forever Wealth

VanceWealth Sudden Wealth

We’ve all imagined coming into sudden wealth at some point, so what does your dream look like? Maybe it’s a business sale, a massive sign-on bonus, book royalties, a wildly popular invention, or even YouTube stardom. Perhaps you know you’ll eventually experience sudden wealth by receiving an inheritance. Well, what if that money became real? How would you handle it? Would you end up bankrupt, as many others do after receiving a lump sum or would you be able to …



Shanele Stoll Achieve More, Community, Team Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Shanele Stoll Vance Wealth Santa Clarita, CA – John Vance President, of Vance Wealth located at 26491 Summit Circle was among the Raymond James-affiliated advisors named to the Forbes list of Best-In-State Wealth Advisors. The list, which recognizes advisors from national, regional and independent firms, was released online February 11, 2021. Since 2003, Vance Wealth has served as a premier financial planning team passionately committed to helping clients and families succeed at every step of …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - 2021 Q1 Investment Update

2021 Q1 Investment Update

VanceWealth Market Commentary, Market Update

We hope all our clients, professional partners, and members of our community have remained happy and healthy and are looking forward to a new year. Typically, when we write a market update, we gather information from our investment partners and decide what makes sense to share with our readers. I thought our partners at Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) did a great job on their article titled “Market Review 2020: Looking Back on an Unprecedented Year,” and wanted to share it …

PH JF Guest 1016x677 - Looking Back To Grow Forward

Looking Back To Grow Forward

Shanele Stoll Financial Planning, Market Commentary, Market Update

After a year like 2020, it might be tempting to jump straight into 2021 and never look back. Last year, we all experienced massive disruption and change to our personal and professional lives, and everyone is eager to return to some sense of normalcy. But moving forward without a clear picture of 2020’s impact on your life and finances will leave blind spots in your planning, and you may miss out on some important opportunities to course correct. To create …

Patti Hardy 1016x531 - Empowering Women To Achieve More: Patti's Perspective

Empowering Women To Achieve More: Patti’s Perspective

VanceWealth Achieve More, Community, Woman's Wealth

Growth Through Adversity We’ve heard it many times, “it’s through the challenges we face, lies the greatest opportunity for growth.” Adversity allows us to build resilience, step into our greatness and find our true selves. I just wish it didn’t hurt so much. When I went through my divorce, I felt like I was drowning. Literally, there were times I couldn’t catch my breath. When I would pop up for air, something pushed me back under water, or so it …

From The Desk of John 1016x762 - From the Desk of John Vance - To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

From the Desk of John Vance – To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

VanceWealth Achieve More, Community, Team Update

We closed out last year with some quality family time at home and powerful planning at the firm, and it inspired a nice balance in life and business at the start of the new year. While the holidays were fairly uneventful, it was nice to spend Christmas at home with just the kids. We weren’t able to be together with our entire extended family, who we missed, but it was a special year that allowed for more quality time and …

JV blog - In the Community - John Vance Leads The SCV Chamber Board In 2021

In the Community – John Vance Leads The SCV Chamber Board In 2021

Shanele Stoll Uncategorized

As part of his commitment to support the community, John Vance is excited to serve as the 2021 Chair of the Board of Directors for the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce. Vance Wealth first joined the Chamber back when the firm started in 2003, and John has been on the board for the past two years. Now, as Chair, he will take the helm during a pivotal year. “We’ve seen a lot of small businesses struggle in the past …

Achieve More 1016x677 - Achieve More: Entrepreneur Edition - Setting Goals That Stick In Life & Business

Achieve More: Entrepreneur Edition – Setting Goals That Stick In Life & Business

VanceWealth Business Owner, Financial Planning

As a business owner, your success is only as strong as the foundation it’s built on: you. If you’re not operating at your best, you can’t give your best to your business, either. That’s why it’s important to start your business planning with a big-picture view of your life and personal finances. By aligning your business and personal goals, you can achieve more across the board. Setting goals is one thing; however, achieving goals is another. At Vance Wealth, we’ve …

Meet the Team Tyler - Q & A with Tyler Tilton

Q & A with Tyler Tilton

VanceWealth Team Update

Get to know the personal side of your finance professionals. Q: What’s your favorite aspect of the Vance Wealth company culture? A: We collaborate really well as a team. I like the company structure because it allows us to work well together and accomplish our goals. Vance Wealth truly is a family. Q: What core value resonates with you most? A: I really connect with the commitment to continuous growth because that’s how I approach my personal and professional life. …