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5 Ways To Build A Meaningful Career Legacy

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Legacy is about much more than a dollar amount. After you’ve poured your heart and soul into a business, it represents a significant part of your life’s work. Not only do you want it to thrive after you’re gone, but you also want to know that your impact made a difference – to you, your staff, your clients, and your community. Here are our top five tips for building a meaningful career legacy.   Build a Strong Team One of the strongest marks of …

jamil 1016x1016 - Vance Team Member Spotlight

Vance Team Member Spotlight

Shanele Stoll Team Update

Meet Jamil Abdullah, Portfolio Manager   Jamil Abdullah, Chartered Financial Analyst brings in-depth expertise in investment strategy and high-level money management to the Vance Wealth team, making him the perfect fit for an already robust team of financial planners. After earning his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Jamil doubled down on his financial education by sitting for two of the most challenging exams in the industry. In 2018, he completed his CFA designation, and in …

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Build a Lasting Legacy – 5 Steps To Planning Your Legacy With Purpose & Intention

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Build a Lasting Legacy 5 Steps To Planning Your Legacy With Purpose & Intention Every day, we spend our time and energy trying to get from where we are to where we want to be.  Each morning routine, every check off that to-do list – it all adds up to the legacy we hope to one day leave behind.  But how can we be sure that the small steps we take today move us toward the ultimate goals we have for the future?  …

Jerrod Gerguson 1016x531 - 2022 Quarter 2 Market Update

2022 Quarter 2 Market Update

VanceWealth Market Update

Spring has sprung! Easter weekend passed us by, and the year has begun as expected; volatility is back. Volatility creates opportunity, and to be a good long-term investor, one must take the good with the bad. Over the last 20 years, 24 of the 25 best days in the market occurred within one month of one of the 25 worst days1. Another way of putting it is that market timing is not a recommended investment strategy.   There is usually …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - Vance Wealth surpasses $500 million in assets under management

Vance Wealth surpasses $500 million in assets under management

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Vance Wealth surpasses $500 million in assets under management Milestone positions Santa Clarita financial planning firm in California’s top tier of independent wealth advisers   Santa Clarita, Calif. — Vance Wealth, a financial planning firm based in Santa Clarita, reached an industry milestone entering 2022 when the firm surpassed $500 million in assets under management.   The local registered investment adviser (RIA) firm joined 132 others that have crossed that milestone in California, setting itself apart from the state’s more than …

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Turn Sudden Wealth Into Forever Wealth

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We’ve all imagined coming into sudden wealth at some point, so what does your dream look like? Maybe it’s a business sale, a massive sign-on bonus, book royalties, a wildly popular invention, or even YouTube stardom. Perhaps you know you’ll eventually experience sudden wealth by receiving an inheritance. Well, what if that money became real? How would you handle it? Would you end up bankrupt, as many others do after receiving a lump sum or would you be able to …

Advanced 401k Primary Logo Black Text 2017 1016x383 - CalSavers Penalties on the Horizon

CalSavers Penalties on the Horizon

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CalSavers is getting ready to impose penalties on employers with more than 100 workers with no retirement plan who haven’t registered—and it’s not cheap. Read more.  It is important to understand the business requirement of CalSavers vs. a qualified retirement plan. Learn the difference. At Advanced 401k Solutions, we collaborate with employers to align their retirement plans with their company goals. All while helping meet California State requirements. If you are an employer with 5 or more employees, please reach …

Achieve More 1016x677 - Setting Goals That Stick In Life & Business

Setting Goals That Stick In Life & Business

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As a business owner, your success is only as strong as the foundation it’s built on: you. If you’re not operating at your best, you can’t give your best to your business. That’s why it’s important to start your business planning with a big-picture view of your life and personal finances. By aligning your business and personal goals, you can achieve more across the board. Setting goals is one thing; however, achieving goals is another. At Vance Wealth, we’ve learned the trick …

John Vance 1016x531 - From the Desk of John Vance:  To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

From the Desk of John Vance: To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

Shanele Stoll Team Update

It’s that time again, when we transition from one year to the next, and I have to admit I kind of love everything it represents. The New Year gives us time to reassess and recalibrate our goals, which gives you a clear idea of how to move forward with fresh purpose. At Vance Wealth, we spend this time reviewing our 10-year and 3-year plans and based on any course corrections we need to make, we’ll update our 1-year plan, too. …

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Vance Team Member Spotlight: Meet Kathy Spencer, Director of People and Culture

VanceWealth Team Update

As the firm’s Director of People and Culture, Kathy Spencer is dedicated to helping the team create balance in business and life, so they can all achieve more together. Raised in Santa Clarita, Kathy earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing with an emphasis in communications from California State University, Northridge. She began her career in sales for Pactel, a position that eventually grew into management and sales training as Pactel became Verizon. After a decade in sales, Kathy branched out …