061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - Planning for Every Outcome: Prepare For Tax Changes Before You Run Out Of Options

Planning for Every Outcome: Prepare For Tax Changes Before You Run Out Of Options

Shanele Stoll Business Owner, Financial Planning, Tax Issues

At Vance Wealth, one of our most important responsibilities is not simply preparing for life’s uncertainties, but help anticipating them before they occur. This year, that’s especially important when it comes to tax planning. The Biden Administration has proposed changes to our tax policies that, if enacted by Congress, would likely have a significant impact on tax bills, especially if you don’t adjust your financial plan ahead of these changes. “You can’t achieve thoughtful, effective tax planning unless you’re proactive,” explained John Vance, President …

Health Tip  Tara - Achieve More: Health Tip with Tara White

Achieve More: Health Tip with Tara White

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“My husband, Jared, and I bought a Peloton Bike at the beginning of this year, and our only regret was not getting it sooner! I’ll do a ride either before or after work, and it’s really helped us stay more active. The Peloton app also provides a variety of other workouts that make you break a sweat!  I have found a few favorite instructors that really motivate me, and I always look forward to their new classes. My goal is …

JV Cover 1016x677 - From the Desk of John Vance

From the Desk of John Vance

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To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family,   While we’ve been committed to continuous growth in the office, at home our family has been enjoying the last few months while everything feels the same. We hosted a backyard graduation party with some family and close friends before Lauren and Evan head off to Boise State University in August. We’re all very excited to see them start the next chapter of their lives but until we see them off, we’ll be …

021220 Vancewealth Marketing SchlickArt 1028 EditSRGBlowres 1016x677 - 2021 - Q3 Market Update

2021 – Q3 Market Update

VanceWealth Market Commentary, Market Update, Political Commentary, Tax Issues

We hope you are all enjoying your summer! It is another hot one in Southern California, almost as hot as the real estate market. I know the Vance Wealth team has been trying to beat the heat by heading to the beach or spending time in the pool this summer. However you are trying to beat the heat, we hope you are getting some sort of relief.   What if I told you the S&P 500 is up almost 90% …

2 Achieve More Entrepreneur Edition SS edits 1016x677 - Attract Top Talent With Superior Benefits - Employee Financial Wellness

Attract Top Talent With Superior Benefits – Employee Financial Wellness

Shanele Stoll Business Owner

As an employer, it’s easy to dismiss your employee’s financial wellness as a personal matter. If it affects business, however, then it becomes your business. An annual PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey found that 35% of employees are distracted at work due to financial matters. Additionally, a study by Fidelity Investments found that employees with high debt miss more work on average than those with minimal debt. To make matters worse, 45% of Baby Boomers have no retirement savings at all, according …

Patti Hardy 1016x531 - Live in the Ask - with Patti Handy

Live in the Ask – with Patti Handy

VanceWealth Woman's Wealth

As a podcast junkie, I’m always coming across great insight and information. Whether it’s feeding my emotional health, physical health or financial health, I love powerful learning. On a recent podcast, Mark Victor Hansen was being interviewed, discussing the ‘power of asking.’ Asking the big questions, and not so big questions. If you’re at a crossroads in life, not in the career you really love, in a relationship that isn’t flourishing or struggling with your health, he suggests you ask …

Pattis Perspective Back Cover 5 tips to help you navigate divorce 1016x1524 - 5 tips to help you navigate divorce

5 tips to help you navigate divorce

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Uncertainty, loss of control and the emotional roller coaster of life is difficult for anyone, but especially challenging for those going through a divorce. Every area of life is affected-emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. It’s during this time, and always really, you need to count on people to have your back. Without my tribe, I wouldn’t have been able to get through my divorce, at least not without a permanent twitch! At Vance Wealth, we advocate for our clients, helping …

062821 Vance Wealth Marketing SchlickArt 7569SRGB 3 1016x1016 - Vance Team Member Spotlight: Chris Pelch

Vance Team Member Spotlight: Chris Pelch

VanceWealth Team Update

When Chris Pelch came back to Vance Wealth, it was like returning home to family. As Chief Operating Officer, Chris helps strengthen and support the team every day, while continuing to help clients achieve more in business and life. He most enjoys working with a team of people he respects and admires, and he’s uniquely qualified to help Vance Wealth grow according to plan. With a background in education and a master’s degree in business administration, Chris is perfectly positioned …

In the Community Pictured left to right Jerrod Lauren Tara Jamil Niall 1016x762 - In the Community: Networking with NextSCV

In the Community: Networking with NextSCV

Shanele Stoll Community, Team Update

Calling all young professionals! NextSCV, the SCV Chamber of Commerce young professionals council, came back with an in-person event that featured team trivia, local brews, and a seriously good time. On June 23, Vance Wealth team members Jerrod Ferguson and Tara White co-chaired a sold-out NextSCV Trivia Night alongside co-chair Chris Page from The City of Santa Clarita. Hosted on the open-air Wolf Creek Brewery patio, the event brought together 70 of Santa Clarita’s emerging young leaders to celebrate the return …

Patti Hardy 1016x531 - Patti's Perspective

Patti’s Perspective

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Ever wonder how the busiest people get the most done? It’s called leverage. With our schedules seemingly getting busier every day, it’s more important than ever to step back and take a good look at how you’re spending your time. You are an expert in your field, and although you are capable of doing many tasks within your business, should you? Is this really the best use of your time? I don’t have a clue how to build a website. …