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Health Tip

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Professional success is often influenced by how we feel – physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why a focus on health and wellness has naturally become a favorite part of our company culture. We love sharing new health tips and ideas whenever we find something that makes a difference in our energy levels and daily performance. After learning about the benefits of hydrogen-rich water, we wanted to share its wide range of benefits with you. Chronic inflammation can hide in the …

patti perspective 1016x207 - Patti’s Perspective: Educating Young Adults on Money Smarts

Patti’s Perspective: Educating Young Adults on Money Smarts

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Empowering Women to Achieve More Those who know me know that I am passionate about educating young adults with money smarts. Unfortunately, financial literacy isn’t taught in schools (although I see this increasing!), and often the conversations aren’t happening at home. College kids are graduating with credit card debt and student loan debt. A study from College Finance published in 2021 found the average college student has more than $3,280 of credit card debt. Getting out from under this debt …

achieve more entrepreneur edition

Achieve More: Entrepreneur Edition – 3 Tax Planning Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss!

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More often than not, the most costly tax mistakes we see are not errors, but missed opportunities, including overlooked opportunities for long-term planning, strategic deductions, and reduction of your lifetime tax liability. “That’s all the more true for business owners, who have complex tax blueprints that include both personal and corporate returns,” explained John Vance, President of Vance Wealth. “From payroll and 401k plans to retirement and investments, there’s a lot to consider when building a tax plan that’s designed …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - Vance Wealth Team Member Spotlight: Carrisa Flores

Vance Wealth Team Member Spotlight: Carrisa Flores

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Carrisa Flores, Paraplanner As the firm’s Paraplanner, Carrisa Flores finds passion and purpose in the focused, structured work it takes to support the Wealth Advisors at Vance Wealth. Originally from the Inland Empire, Carrisa began her career as a respiratory therapist at Riverside Medical Clinic. While she found it both challenging and rewarding, she eventually realized she couldn’t see herself in the medical field forever, so she did a little soul-searching. “I wanted to figure out what I could do …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - In the Community: Supporting the SCV Chamber

In the Community: Supporting the SCV Chamber

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Keeping up with our commitment to community involvement, the Vance Wealth team gets together for a local nonprofit event or fundraiser each quarter. In October, that meant teeing up to support the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce. The 2022 Oak Tree Classic Golf Tournament was held at The Oaks Club in Valencia and did not disappoint. “We always have a lot of fun at the Chamber Golf Tournament,” John shared. “For anyone who enjoys golf, it’s a great way …

vw gratitude - With Gratitude For Your Continued Trust

With Gratitude For Your Continued Trust

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In a challenging market, the path to financial success can quickly start to feel unclear, uncertain, and overwhelmingly stressful. Trusting that you’re still on your way to achieving more isn’t easy. But that’s precisely when we aim to make the biggest difference for our clients. “We consider it our responsibility to not only steer you through tough markets, but also to remove the worry that typically comes with planning for your future in uncertain times,” John explained. “It’s our job …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - What to Shred & What to Keep

What to Shred & What to Keep

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You hear advice all the time that you should shred sensitive documents to reduce your risk of identity theft. However, what exactly are “sensitive documents,” and are there some you should keep for a while before destroying them? You are able to shred any of the following: Account Numbers, Passwords, PINs, Signatures, Social Security number, Date of Birth Tax Returns Retain for at least seven years. Never throw out a 1040, but receipts, W-2 Forms, and 1099 forms can be …

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iBonds have been creating quite the buzz lately! But, are they right for you?

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What are iBonds? How do iBonds earn interest? Understand the risks and opportunities. The latest investment buzz is that the initial interest rate on new Series I Savings Bonds is 9.62%! You heard right. This exciting interest rate has definitely caught everyone’s attention, and I Bonds can be purchased through October 2022 at the current rate. That rate is applied to the six months after the purchase is made. For example, if you buy an I Bond on July 1, the 9.62% would …

College savings

College Savings: Learn the benefits of Starting Early

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Thanks to these three common myths, college savings can feel like an impossible task; however, the truth is bound to lift your spirits and help you get started.  At Vance Wealth, it’s our mission to pay our experience forward, providing clarity where it’s needed most. We’re dispelling the most common myths about college savings, so you can start with the facts — and end up with a college savings plan that helps you achieve more for yourself and your children.  Our Most …

Protect your credit

Simple steps to protect your credit!

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To freeze or not to freeze… We’ve had a few questions recently around freezing credit, so we thought it best to share some great steps you can take to protect yourself! Essentially, freezing credit helps protect you from having identity thieves open credit accounts in your name. Once your credit is frozen, the credit reporting agencies cannot disclose contents of your credit report to anyone. Lenders will not extend credit to you, or anyone claiming to be you. It’s super …