JV - To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

VanceWealth Team Update

The past quarter brought many changes to business as usual, and though we’ve all been adjusting, I was proud to watch the Vance Wealth team find its groove with the same urgency and passion I value so much. Half of the team has chosen to work from home, and half of us have decided to continue working in the office while practicing safe social distancing. Regardless of where we choose to show up, however, we’ve all been grateful for the …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 7182SRGBlowres 1016x813 - 2020 Q2 Investment Update

2020 Q2 Investment Update

VanceWealth Market Commentary, Market Update

2020 Q2 Investment Update The COVID-19 outbreak has led to unprecedented volatility and tremendous declines in wealth, but we have faith that once the pandemic is defeated, the wild swings in the financial markets will subside and prosperity will return. But, what cannot be so easily recovered is the loss of a job, the loss of a business, or, worst of all, the loss of a loved one. While it is our duty to provide timely market insights, please know …

SCV business - Achieve More: 5 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Achieve More: 5 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Shanele Stoll Achieve More, Business Owner, Charitable Giving

At Vance Wealth, we believe collaboration drives success because we witness the power of working together every day. Whether we’re serving our clients or the community, we strive to act as a trusted partner by finding opportunities to achieve more together. And, we’ve learned this kind of spirit always pays off. That’s why we wanted to share the love by suggesting:   5 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses: Make an effort to stay informed, and in touch, with the …

CARES - Coronavirus aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020

Coronavirus aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020

VanceWealth Market Commentary, Political Commentary

$2.5 trillion stimulus package passed on March 27, 2020, aimed at providing some financial relief to small businesses and their employees amid the coronavirus pandemic. How does this affect retirees? Temporary waiver of Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules Participants who have or are required to take a minimum distribution in 2020 based on the value of their December 31, 2019 account balance now have the option to suspend their distribution. Those who have seen a decline in their retirement accounts …

VW Q2 Newsletter pic COVER 1016x677 - Keeping Calm - Even in Crisis

Keeping Calm – Even in Crisis

VanceWealth Market Commentary

So much of what we aspire to in financial planning is simply freedom – freedom of your time, freedom to pursue opportunity, freedom to achieve purpose. When it allows you to live the life you’ve always imagined, working toward financial independence is a very empowering experience. But the recent global pandemic has challenged our notion of freedom on many fronts. We’re learning to live with new limitations as we put the health and safety of our loved ones and neighbors …

Family Legacy Advanced Perspective 2019 Quarter 3 1016x625 - Protecting Your Legacy - 5 reasons families lose their legacy over time

Protecting Your Legacy – 5 reasons families lose their legacy over time

VanceWealth Retirement

After a lifetime of success, it all comes down to the family legacy you’ll leave behind. How are you protecting yours? You may have heard the old Chinese adage: “Wealth never survives three generations.” While it may seem like nothing more than a cautionary tale, in practice, passing family wealth from generation to generation is a much more difficult task than most of us anticipate. At Vance Wealth, we pay particular attention to preserving family legacy because, when managed correctly, …

Group TT PH Natasha 1016x677 - The Value of a Financial Advisor

The Value of a Financial Advisor

VanceWealth Market Commentary, Retirement, Uncategorized

Take any successful athlete and you will find a brilliant coach by their side. On their own, the athlete can oftentimes obtain great results, but with the guidance, experience and insight of their coach, new levels of success can be achieved. You’ll find this in many professions, as executive coaches, business coaches and life coaches can take individuals to new heights, professionally and personally. Financial advisors are no different. As the ‘quarterback’ for their client, the added value of working …

061118 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 1 SchlickArt 5710SRGBlowres 3 1016x1016 - Robin Strauss - Client Services Associate

Robin Strauss – Client Services Associate

Shanele Stoll Team Update

Quite simply, Robin moves mountains and no road block can stand in her way. As Vance Wealth’s Client Services Associate Robin is committed to truly providing excellence in the Vance Wealth client experience. Bringing a wealth of financial services and insurance experience from her previous professional roles. Robin enjoys the fast pace and navigating the occasional road block as she adeptly handles all transactions for the office.  She ensures that our clients have a smooth onboarding and works tirelessly to …

061218 Vance Wealth Marketing Day 2 SchlickArt 6627SRGBlowres 1016x678 - Social Distancing Resources

Social Distancing Resources

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We understand that many people are working from home and trying their best to practice social distancing. We wanted to provide you with some resources that might make your new day- to- day adjustment a bit easier.  We hope that this information might be useful to pass along to others. Grocery Delivery Services: Amazon Instacart Wal-Mart Grocery Delivery Omaha Steaks Food Delivery Services: Santa Clarita Food delivery:  WeGo SCV https://www.wegoscv.com/ Uber Eats DoorDash GrubHub Postmates CDC’s Official Website for COVID-19 Updates: …

021220 Vancewealth Marketing SchlickArt 0876SRGBlowres 2 1016x1524 - Get to Know - Patti Handy

Get to Know – Patti Handy

VanceWealth Team Update

Patti Handy Branch Associate It wasn’t until Patti went through a divorce, did she fully appreciate the financial education her parents taught her at a young age.  As a child, she learned how to earn her own money, save it and invest it wisely. Little did she know, this would prove to be an invaluable blessing later in life. With her 18-month-old son by her side, she suddenly found herself terrified, overwhelmed and emotionally distraught. Through the darkness, she knew …