Inspiring Financial Success for Today and Tomorrow

Whether you are already retired or planning for it, we can help you make smart financial decisions and establish a comprehensive retirement plan designed to meet your needs of today and goals of tomorrow.

Retired Now

Within 10 Years

10 Years or more

10 Years or more

Enjoying Your Golden Years of Retirement – so now you’re retired
Making the transition from accumulating assets for retirement to turning your investments into an income stream can be stressful for retirees. Vance Wealth will continue to work with you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your future is how you envisioned. We understand the importance of managing your money and making your hard-earned financial resources last. By meeting with you regularly, we’ll carefully balance your portfolio between growth-oriented investments and income-focused assets helping to maximize your long-term income. Although you are enjoying the benefits of retirement, we’ll remain focused on planning today with a keen eye on tomorrow. At this point, we know you’ll have more questions and we’re here to help.
  • I am very concerned that I’ll outlive my money. Can you project how my savings will last for anywhere from 20-40 years of retirement?
  • Now that we’re retired, I am constantly worried about a major market correction wiping out our savings. How can we protect ourselves against that type of devastating loss?
  • I’ve worked hard my entire life and want to leave my estate to my 3 children without paying unnecessary taxes to the government. Can you help me minimize taxes?

Getting Close and Staying the Course - within 10 years of retirement

As retirement approaches, it’s common to find that our clients are ready to take their financial pulse. It’s likely that several life events have occurred since you started saving for retirement and it’s time to reassess your situation. You may be earning the highest salary in your lifetime and be positioned to invest more towards your future. We’ll work with you to maximize savings, reallocate assets and better balance any risk concerns. During this stage of your retirement planning, we know you’ll have a lot of questions. We’ll meet with you regularly to assess your plan and make the necessary adjustments so the retirement of your dreams is well within reach.
  • We’d like to travel more now that our kids have graduated from college, but shouldn’t we be saving every penny for retirement? How do we know how much we can comfortably spend now and still be well positioned in the future?
  • Paying for two kids in college is taking away our ability to save enough for retirement. How do we balance these competing interests and not compromise the future?
  • We still have a few more years to work and my husband would like to purchase a vacation home, especially now that we have grandchildren. We are in disagreement about whether or not we have enough to retire and still make the purchase. Can you give us a realistic picture?
We’ll Help You Get Started - 10 years or more before retirement
The earlier the better is a key strategy when planning for your retirement. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many people don’t get serious about establishing an early financial roadmap to the future. At Vance Wealth, we’ll set you on a simple path to financial independence with a plan that considers your current financial situation and helps to achieve your long-term goals. We’ll help you avoid common planning mistakes and work together to adjust the plan as your life changes.
  • I am not sure where to start? I need to get organized.
  • I worry about retirement even though its years away. It’s hard to balance saving for retirement while still providing for my young family’s needs now.
  • How do I strike the right balance?
  • How do I ensure I realize my ideal retirement?