This Is The Beginning of Something Great.

Step 1: Getting to Know One Another

The Beginning of Something Great

Our first meeting is the beginning of a thoughtful and disciplined process designed to clearly understand your financial goals. As the first step forward in our partnership, it’s our opportunity to learn where you are today while gaining a comprehensive insight into your long-term financial plan.
  • Discovery

    We’ll use the time together to learn about your concerns, explore your current financial situation and identify your future goals.

  • Clarity

    With a clear understanding of your unique personal and family circumstances, the Vance Wealth team will identify any planning gaps and recommend the appropriate strategies to optimize your short and long-term financial security.

  • Implementation

    Once you're confident and comfortable about our partnership, we’ll work collaboratively with you to create a customized plan tailored to achieving your financial dreams of tomorrow.

Step 2: Understanding Our Many Services and Solutions

Beginning our Partnership/ Relationship

As part of our client onboarding process, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of all our services and planning solutions. As your trusted financial partner, we don’t just simply prepare for life’s uncertainties - we anticipate them before they occur. Our broad expertise and unique financial care approach, combined with a industry-leading services, empower our clients with the confidence that their financial dreams are realistic and achievable.
  • Investment Policy

    We’ll review your custom-designed investment strategy, answering any questions and reaffirming our commitment to the plan we developed together.

  • Service Commitment

    We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to provide the very best in personal care, client experience and financial tools. We’ll share the broad range of services exclusively available to you through Vance Wealth and Raymond James including online tools, account access and communication preferences.

  • Wealth Management Plan

    Lastly, we’ll take you through your customized Client Financial Organizer (CFO) uniquely created based on our conversations around your goals and personalized financial plan. We understand that planning your financial future can be complicated. Your CFO serves as a critical roadmap, always keeping you and us on track to achieving your financial dreams of tomorrow.

Step 3: Inspiring Long-Term Financial Success

A Financial Plan with a Purpose

Once you’re well established on the path to long-term financial success, we'll proactively schedule annual review and year-end planning sessions so we're well positioned to help reach your financial goals. From time-to-time, your life priorities shift so we’ll also use this opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. As your financial partner, we’re pleased to provide the following value-added services:

  • Quarterback / Team Leader

    Planning for the future doesn’t have to stressful or complicated. We take it upon ourselves to advocate for you. Your partnership with Vance Wealth means we’re always available to provide leadership as circumstances in life change. we invite you lean on us to help make those difficult decisions with confidence.

  • Collaboration with Trusted Professionals & Your Family

    We’ll make communication easy by working collaboratively with your attorney and accountant so all parties are aligned on your current and future financial planning needs.

  • The Expertise, Experience and Support of Raymond James

    By partnering with Vance Wealth, you’ll receive the personalized care and attention of a boutique practice. With $790 billion in client assets, Raymond James offers trusted and innovative products and services backed by years or financial expertise.

  • Proactive Planning Meetings

    Financial plans are dynamic as life’s circumstances and priorities are continually changing. We proactively meet with each and every client to continue vital communication and ensure their financial plan is performing optimally and constantly evolving to meet their needs.