Mid-Year Investment Update

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Automation is currently impacting our global economies. In an article published by The Economist, titled “Taking Flight,” the evolution of drone technology is discussed in great detail.  Until recently, the marketplace for drones had been divided into two main spaces, toys and weapons.  The vast majority of worldwide spending on drones (approximately 90%) can be attributed to military uses, however the majority of drones in existence have been created for everyday consumers (2 million units sold in 2016).  Now, a …

THE TRUMP ERA – How the new Presidency may impact the American economy, and what that means for you

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The first three months of the Trump presidency have been politically tumultuous and divisive. Opinions on the work he has done so far, and the work he has planned for the future have been far-reaching, and are being debated everywhere from our newsrooms to our living rooms. It can be challenging sometimes, to cut through the noise and the rhetoric to get some clarity on the issues you are most concerned about. At Vance Wealth Group, we are staying out …

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What You Need to Know about the Brexit

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There is no doubt that if you have been paying attention to the news in the last several weeks, you have been hearing a great deal of discussion about “The Brexit”. Opinions on this historic vote have been swift, diverse, and contentious. Politicians, economists, and public figures throughout Europe and the world have been campaigning doggedly on whether to stay or leave for months, and now that the vote is in, the focus has shifted to try to analyze what …

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Considering the possibility of a looming divorce is daunting no matter what the details of the situation are. There are so many variables to assess that even knowing where to begin can start to seem like a near- impossible task. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to begin moving in the right direction. Scheduling a consultation with a professional can be a great way to get some of your biggest questions answered, and begin to understand …

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VanceWealth Divorce Digest

It’s easy to understand that financial implications play a huge role in any divorce settlement. Managing assets and debts, figuring out how to support your family, pay for college, and handle your mortgage are issues everyone deals with, but the added complexity of negotiating these into divorce proceedings can quickly feel overwhelming. Will I have enough to get by? Is this fair? What will I be giving up? How will this decision affect me a year down the line? Five …