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Retirement Tips by Generation: Maximize Your Savings During Each Stage of Life

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It’s never too early to start planning for retirement – and it’s never too late. In fact, the best time to begin preparing for your ideal financial future is now. However, the right retirement and savings strategies are different at each stage of life. To help you get an idea of where to start, here are the top money mindsets and strategies we recommend to help optimize your retirement over a lifetime. Early Career & Young Families When you first …


The IRS has increased the 401(k) plan contribution limits for 2023

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The IRS has increased the 401(k) plan contribution limits for 2023. Millions of Americans can save more in their retirement accounts in 2023 due to inflation adjustment increases to contribution limits recently updated by the Internal Revenue Service. The higher limit contributions offer significant savings opportunities. Please see our updated fact sheet for more details. Please see our updated Retirement Plan Limits Fact Sheet Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to save more for retirement. We encourage you to …

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7 Social Security Myths & Truths

Shanele Stoll Retirement

There’s so much at stake when it comes to determining your ideal retirement plan. How do you ensure you’re getting the most from your hard-earned Social Security benefits? Deciding when to file can be confusing enough as you attempt to juggle the many variables that determine your optimal plan. Yet plenty of misinformation persists around this topic, making it even more challenging to navigate this complex decision. That’s when having someone on your side really makes the difference. Our clients count on …

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2021 – Q3 Market Update

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We hope you are all enjoying your summer! It is another hot one in Southern California, almost as hot as the real estate market. I know the Vance Wealth team has been trying to beat the heat by heading to the beach or spending time in the pool this summer. However you are trying to beat the heat, we hope you are getting some sort of relief.   What if I told you the S&P 500 is up almost 90% …

A Tax Reduction Strategy For People Who Give Back

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Your financial plan serves more than just you. When executed with intention and heart, it helps you forge an achievable path to something greater. Many of our clients, for example, include charitable giving in their plan for financial success. Why? They consider it to be their job to support a community that has supported them. It’s why they plan and invest. It’s why they achieve. At Vance Wealth, it’s our job to help you achieve more — especially when it …