Legacy Series: Choosing A Trusted Contact

The Value of Having Your Kids Work in the Family Business

Legacy Planning is about more than passing on wealth to the next generation. Choosing A Trusted Contact With Support From The Vance Wealth Team What’s a Trusted Contact? A trusted contact is an individual you’ve authorized your financial firm to contact in specific circumstances, such as: 1. Your firm has been unable to reach you…

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What Is The Augusta Rule?

Couple talking to a tax planning professional

Vance Wealth & Simplify365 help proactive business owners with payroll optimization, business & tax planning & retirement plan design. Watch this short video of Tyler Tilton walking you through the Augusta Rule, also known as IRC Section 280A(g), and some potential risks.  If you’re an S corporation or C Corporation, you may be eligible to…

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Health Tip

Image of water being poured into a glass of water

Professional success is often influenced by how we feel – physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why a focus on health and wellness has naturally become a favorite part of our company culture. We love sharing new health tips and ideas whenever we find something that makes a difference in our energy levels and daily performance.…

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