Getting To Know Your Team: Meet Robin Strauss

Vance Wealth Team Member Spotlight

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Robin Strauss has been bringing laughter and an East Coast flair to our Santa Clarita office ever since she started. As Vance Wealth’s Client Services Associate, she serves nearly everyone throughout the year, and she’s the first line of contact whenever a client is in need, a role Robin loves.

After moving to Santa Clarita for work, she spent about five years as an insurance agent. When she made the change to Vance Wealth about six months ago, she was excited to focus more on the relationships. Robin settled in quickly and started getting to know the Vance Wealth family with ease and a warm welcome. She still enjoys meeting clients in person for the first time, after speaking with them over the phone or via email, and it’s always the highlight of her day to put a face to the name.

Every day, she learns more about each client’s history and present needs, and she loves figuring out how to solve their problems, to the best of her ability. When the task at hand requires an advisor to step in, Robin coordinates to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. In addition to fielding client calls and requests, Robin also handles the opening and closing of all accounts, as well as assists Vance’s team of financial advisors directly.

With such a great start, both Robin and the team at Vance Wealth hope to enjoy her long stay with the organization. Robin Strauss is a Client Services Associate at Vance Wealth and can be reached  at: [email protected]