Sudden Wealth

Turn Sudden Wealth Into Forever Wealth

VanceWealth Sudden Wealth

We’ve all imagined coming into sudden wealth at some point, so what does your dream look like? Maybe it’s a business sale, a massive sign-on bonus, book royalties, a wildly popular invention, or even YouTube stardom. Perhaps you know you’ll eventually experience sudden wealth by receiving an inheritance. Well, what if that money became real? How would you handle it? Would you end up bankrupt, as many others do after receiving a lump sum or would you be able to …

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2022 – Q1 Investment Update

VanceWealth Financial Planning, Market Commentary, Market Update

Dear Clients and Friends, 2021 was a banner year for equities, as enormous fiscal and monetary stimulus through the pandemic supported the strongest economic and earnings growth in decades during the reopening. The S&P 500 Index experienced minimal volatility while returning 28.71% (largest intra-year pullback being just 5.2%), though there was plenty of action beneath the surface. In addition to the rollout of vaccines, markets were supported by several other positive developments, including strong corporate earnings and increased consumer demand. …


Achieve More: Entrepreneur Edition – A Tax Strategy That Plans For A Lifetime Of Wealth

VanceWealth Achieve More, Business Owner

Most business owners have one goal when it comes to taxes: Pay as little as possible this year. However, that isn’t how you save the most – or achieve the most – in the long run. In fact, at Vance Wealth, we believe paying taxes is the goal. Why? It means you’re successfully growing and earning more over time. “It’s safe to assume that, as a business owner, you want to grow your business in the future, so we can also assume you’ll be …

Patti Handy

Patti’s Perspective: 5 Tax-Saving Tips that must be applied by year end.

Shanele Stoll Tax Issues, Woman's Wealth

As we head into the Fall, my favorite time of year, I’m all about the pumpkin spice. Yes, I’m one of those- I love everything pumpkin! Don’t judge me. But, at Vance Wealth, this time of year is all about year-end tax planning. Here are 5 Tax-Saving Tips that must be applied by year end: Convert your IRA to a Roth IRA: With a Roth IRA, all future withdrawals are tax free, and all gains and earnings grow tax free. …

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8 Tax-Saving Tips That Must Be Applied Before Year-end

VanceWealth Market Update, Tax Issues

Here are eight essential tax-saving tips that must be implemented before year-end. If you want to maximize your tax benefit in 2021, you must act soon. 8 Tax-Saving Tips That Must Be Applied Before Year-end  It’s important to understand that these tax-saving tips will only save you money if they are right for you. There are some tips, for example, that benefit those who’ve had a good year, while others create silver linings in an otherwise bad year. Be sure to consider …

401k team 1016x677 - 10 Tax Saving Tips That Must Be Applied Before 2021

10 Tax Saving Tips That Must Be Applied Before 2021

VanceWealth Business Owner, Retirement, Tax Issues

We’ve got some great tax-saving tips for you, but they require action before the end of the year. There are only a few weeks left of viable tax planning time in 2020, so let’s dive right in.   Do You Need To Act Now? You may need to pivot your tax plan before the end of the year if any of these factors apply to you: You need to increase your liquidity You’re in a lower tax bracket than a …