In the Community Pictured left to right Jerrod Lauren Tara Jamil Niall 1016x762 - In the Community: Networking with NextSCV

In the Community: Networking with NextSCV

Shanele Stoll Community, Team Update

Calling all young professionals! NextSCV, the SCV Chamber of Commerce young professionals council, came back with an in-person event that featured team trivia, local brews, and a seriously good time. On June 23, Vance Wealth team members Jerrod Ferguson and Tara White co-chaired a sold-out NextSCV Trivia Night alongside co-chair Chris Page from The City of Santa Clarita. Hosted on the open-air Wolf Creek Brewery patio, the event brought together 70 of Santa Clarita’s emerging young leaders to celebrate the return …

Health Tip Robin - Health Tip - Committed To Continuous Growth

Health Tip – Committed To Continuous Growth

VanceWealth Achieve More, Community

Director of Client Experience, Robin Strauss, finds that smart technology choices help keep her accountable to her daily goals. Since Robin’s work is relatively sedentary, she makes it a point to get moving every day. Her daily fitness goals include putting in time on her Elliptical machine each morning and walking her dog, Maxie, every night. Using her Apple watch is a crucial component of that routine because it allows her to track her progress throughout the day and course-correct …

John Vance 1016x531 - From the Desk of John Vance

From the Desk of John Vance

VanceWealth Achieve More, Community, Financial Planning, Team Update

To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family,   Last quarter brought some exciting changes, both personally and professionally. At home, Carmen and I celebrated our two soon to be graduates, Lauren and Evan, as they both chose to attend Boise State University in Idaho. Lauren will be studying nursing, and Evan will pursue business. It just so happened to work out that Boise State was the best fit for both of them, and we’re really excited to watch them start …

4 Keys  Business owner 1016x677 - 4 Keys to a Strong Financial Foundation for business owners

4 Keys to a Strong Financial Foundation for business owners

VanceWealth Business Owner, Financial Planning, Retirement

  At Vance Wealth, we believe financial planning should empower you to achieve what matters most. Our thoughtful process is designed to help you stay the course when things are working, and embrace change when it’s needed to forge a path to something greater. For business owners, this includes a financial plan for your company that’s as comprehensive as your personal plan – and it all starts with four best practices that set up every business for success. “One of the …

Vance Wealth welcomes back Chris Pelch as COO - Daily Steps To Long Term Success - The Importance of Operational Efficiency for Business Owners

Daily Steps To Long Term Success – The Importance of Operational Efficiency for Business Owners

VanceWealth Achieve More, Business Owner, Community

If a financial plan is a company’s roadmap to success, then its operations are the daily steps to achieve that success. That’s why it’s so important to have a financial planning team that not only understands your goals, but also offers the tools and advice to help you put them in motion. After all, your planning is only as effective as your operations. “One of the areas we create a constant conversation around is implementation, for business owners, that means …

PH Guest - What's your money story?

What’s your money story?

VanceWealth Achieve More, Woman's Wealth

What’s your money story? We all have one. Our money story is tied to the beliefs that we learned when we were children, from birth to about 8 or 9 years old. We took in information we couldn’t filter it, so if we heard stories of lack, fear or abundance, that’s what we knew to be true. We may have those same limiting beliefs now; they are deep within our subconscious. We may be behaving based on those stories and …