Vance Wealth Team Member Spotlight: Meet Anthony Goring, Investment Associate

Tasked with staying up to date on current best practices in portfolio management, Investment Associate Anthony Goring   researches   and communicates timely market information that assists Wealth Advisors in making successful investment decisions.

“Portfolio management  and  financial  analysis  are  the backbone of my role as an analyst,” Anthony explained, “and I really enjoy providing our advisors with any supplemental knowledge they might need regarding the management of our clients’ portfolios.”

Originally from the San Fernando and Simi Valley, Anthony attended Royal High School and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus on finance, from San Diego State University. An internship during his senior year led to Anthony’s first position as a Portfolio Administrator at Pure Financial Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm based in San Diego. During this time, Anthony set a strong foundation for his career as he learned the structure of an investment firm with about $4.5 billion assets under management. However, he eventually decided he was ready for a more personalized approach, collaborative environment and higher level of responsibility.

“My last firm had around 90 people, and Vance Wealth has around 18,” Anthony shared. “I really appreciate that our firm is able to create such a personalized experience, and the people are my favorite part of the job so far. Everyone here is down-to-Earth, personable and friendly.”

Anthony most enjoys working with a dedicated, close-knit team that values passion, positivity and presence in the workplace, and in particular, the firm’s collective focus on being present in every aspect of the job really strikes a chord.

“That’s how I like to operate naturally,” Anthony shared. “To see it as a core value at Vance was a welcomed surprise.”

In addition to working closely with Wealth Advisors on investment strategies, Anthony’s current responsibilities include trading, generating client proposals, fund selection, model creation/management and general investment-related tasks.

Outside the office, Anthony enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. During his downtime, he can be found working out, cooking, reading financial and economic news, watching a basketball game, or hitting the courts with friends.