Patti’s Perspective

You’ve probably heard about Stephen Covey’s 90/10 principle. The trickier question is, do we live by it? For me, not always, but I’m working on it.

Basically, his point is that our experiences in life are 90% how we perceive or react to an event, and 10% is what actually happens to us. Most of the time, the 10% is out of our control.

For example, we’ve all been cut off on the freeway, right? That’s the 10% part. Maybe the driver purposely did it, maybe they’re not paying attention due to being distracted by a personal issue, or maybe they just need to get to a bathroom! Whatever the case, 90% of this experience for us is how we react. We can let it go, being compassionate to the possibilities, or we can use some choice words or a particular finger to express our feelings. The question is, which makes for a better experience for everyone involved? Which is less stressful and a healthier way to live?

Given the last year we’ve all had, I would imagine your emotions have been all over the place. When emotions are high and the world essentially shuts down, this rule isn’t always easy to apply. It’s a work in progress for us all, and that’s okay.

The same goes for when the markets become volatile and you watch your portfolio take a hit. The initial reaction is typically fear and panic. Perspective can sometimes go out the window, as you witness your assets plummet. Step back, take a breath and call us. If you’re working with us, we’ve planned for these events. We are here to help you with perspective.

The next time you are faced with a situation out of your control, step back, take a breath and check in with your perspective. It may lead to a more peaceful outcome.