Business Planning

Thoughtful, forward-thinking advice.

Thoughtful, Forward-Thinking Advice

While the dream of owning a business brings tremendous joy and excitement, it also includes complicated risks and consequences that require careful planning.

You likely started your business to gain work-life balance, provide for your family and pursue your passion. However, you may not have expected all the other burdens that come along with being a small business owner.

That’s why we’re here.

Owning a small business is complicated.

We can help simplify your everyday life, helping you keep more of your hard-earned profits. Did you know 93% of small business owners overpaid their taxes over the past 12 years?

Don’t give away your hard-earned profits. Instead, let our Simplify365 team help simplify your life each and every day while saving you and your business money. Your entrepreneurial vision is our passion, and we’ll work tirelessly to understand where you are now and where you envision your business in the future.

Take Your Business to the Next Level and achieve a better work-life balance.

Maximize your tax savings – and help your business thrive, all while allowing you to slow down and dedicate essential time to work on your business instead of in it.


Emerging and Growing Businesses

Emerging and Growing Businesses

Established and Highly Profitable Businesses

Established and Highly Profitable Businesses

Transition Planning for Succession or Sale

Transition Planning for Succession or Sale

Emerging and Growing Businesses

Starting out on the right path is essential to the success of any business. Knowing what you want to accomplish with your life, business and finances is a start. It’s expected that new and emerging business owners will have many questions. That’s where we help by leveraging our experience to establish a forward-thinking plan in place today that will enhance business growth for tomorrow. We’ll help answer all of your questions so you can be confident that sustainable success is achievable.
  • Our business is really taking off and we are seeking funds to expand. Can you help us figure out if we can afford to obtain the financing at this point or if there are alternatives?
  • As we’ve grown, I’ve been torn between using profits to expand the business and meeting growing financial obligations from my family. Can you develop a plan that can provide long-term growth for my business and allow us to live the lifestyle that I feel we’ve earned?
  • While my immediate focus is growing my business and taking care of my employees, I’m uncertain as to what to do in terms of my own retirement planning. Which retirement accounts are best for business owners and the self-employed?

Established and Highly Profitable Businesses

You’ve grown your business and it’s not only profitable but flourishing. With success brings more complex financial matters that require expert advice backed by years of experience helping other businesses achieve more. Planning for the unexpected, such as a downturn in the economy or increased competition, is vital in maintaining your continued success and sustainability. It may require removing some risk out of your business and building a nest egg outside of your business. We can also help you identify methods to potentially increase cash flow and understand the complex relationship between a personal balance sheet and a business balance sheet.
  • I’m constantly in conflict between using profits to expand the business and paying myself to maintain the lifestyle that I feel I’ve worked hard to earn. I want to ensure that my business is secure from a financial standpoint, but can you help me figure out how we afford more personally?
  • From a personal standpoint, I know I need to be saving more for retirement. But, my business is really growing and I have been using the profits to continue expanding. What’s the right balance?
  • I really think that I am paying too much in taxes and I am not sure that I’m maximizing profits. How can we reassess our current structure and ensure we’re on the right track for the future?

Legacy Services – Transition Planning for Succession or Sale

You’ve worked hard to build your business and our goal is to develop a forward-thinking plan for business succession or a sale – whatever course you choose. We understand that every entrepreneur has a unique journey and your transition plan is one that will include vital personal and business choices that have significant consequences. We understand that the decision to transition out of your business is complicated. As your trusted financial partner, you can be confident that we’ll work by your side to provide a transition plan that protects both your assets and the retirement of your dreams.
  • I’ve been thinking about selling my business. After years of hard work, I’m fatigued but I need to know how much I can expect to make and will the proceeds allow me to retire? What types of analysis are required?
  • I have poured my heart and soul into my business, but I am now looking at options to transition out. I need help figuring out if I should outright sell or appoint a successor and maintain an advisory role. Which scenario is most financially advantageous?
  • I have an idea of my business’ net worth, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate and whether it’s the right time to sell? Can you provide some guidance?

Company Retirement Plans

A company retirement plan is an essential component of an effective corporate benefits program, offering an attractive incentive for new hires and existing employees while providing owners and executives with a way to save for their own financial futures.
We collaborate with employers to align their retirement plans with their company goals. We understand that our clients’ time and energy should be devoted to growing their company, which is why our team takes pride in navigating our clients through the complexities of administering their company retirement plan, including the many fiduciary duties and investment choices plan sponsors face.
  • Are you maximizing your company’s matching program? Are you taking advantage of Roth contributions?
  • How satisfied are you and your employees with your investment performance and mutual fund options?
  • Are your employees receiving adequate education from your 401k advisor?
  • Are you aware of your fiduciary risks and responsibilities?
  • Are your 401k plan fees in-line with your expectations/competitors?
  • How often are you benchmarking your service provider fees?

How confident are you that your advisor is properly managing your plan?