Lauren Fox

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Lauren's natural people skills, passion for design, and experience in hospitality make her the perfect fit as the Sales and Marketing Assistant.

After attaining her Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management, she was drawn to Vance Wealth because of the great culture of the team. Lauren resonates with all of Vance Wealth's core values.  She takes pride in bringing a sense of calm to the fast-paced environment of the sales and marketing team, helping to keep everyone organized and grounded. 

Lauren streamlines the firm’s marketing efforts, promoting educational resources through webinars, blogs, social media, and email campaigns, as well as organizing events and client appreciation initiatives. What Lauren enjoys most about her role is the ability to collaborate with others. She sees Vance Wealth as a company filled with opportunities for personal and professional development. 

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and off-roading. From the beach to the mountains, she finds enjoyment from simply being outdoors. When she's not exploring, Lauren has a passion for cooking and baking. She is always trying new recipes and gets a lot of her inspiration from our Client Service Manager, Robin Strauss!