The Value of a Financial Advisor

Take any successful athlete and you will find a brilliant coach by their side.

On their own, the athlete can oftentimes obtain great results, but with the guidance, experience and insight of their coach, new levels of success can be achieved.

You’ll find this in many professions, as executive coaches, business coaches and life coaches can take individuals to new heights, professionally and personally.

Financial advisors are no different. As the ‘quarterback’ for their client, the added value of working with an experienced Financial Advisor can be very rewarding.

To name just a few, benefits include guidance on developing an overall investment strategy, including an actively managed portfolio, determining the appropriate asset allocation, tax strategies and planning, rebalancing the portfolio, and how to structure withdrawals from retirement accounts.

We look at the holistic view of our client’s financial well-being, including budgets, cash flow needs, tax planning, estate planning and business planning, if applicable.

But the single biggest way a financial advisor can add value is through something called behavioral coaching. Simply stated, we help you stay the course, calming fears and emotions by providing steady, fact-based advice and reassurance when the markets become volatile.

Our team at Vance Wealth helps our clients make thoughtful, goal oriented financial decisions, which gives them the confidence to stick to their plan, even during turbulent markets. Our brains are wired to run from trouble, and it’s this fight or flight response which creates the instinct to make drastic changes. When it comes to our finances, this can oftentimes be a costly mistake.

We understand the number one question on your mind is “do I have reason to believe that the future I want and have been working towards is the future I will have?” We hear you and completely understand. You are entrusting us with not only your lifetime of savings, but for future generations to come. We take this seriously and to heart.

We are here to help. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, email [email protected]


Investing in commodities’ entail significant risk and is not appropriate for all investors.