Welcome to the Vance Wealth Family Legacy Worksheet!

We hope you enjoy completing your Family Legacy Worksheet and find it rewarding,
as legacy planning is about more than passing on wealth to the next generation.

Vance Wealth Legacy

At Vance Wealth, it’s also about passing on the stories, values, lessons, and mindsets that allowed you to accumulate your wealth in the first place. This is how you build a legacy that lasts.

When shared with family members before the end of life, this worksheet can encourage new conversations about your legacy—financial and otherwise—and more profound connections with those you care about the most.

This is fun and thought provoking, just answer the document’s questions that speak to you and ignore those that don’t. The questions are meant to jog your memory and help as a starting point for your thoughts.

If you’re struggling to pass on the communication, trust, and values that helped you build your wealth in the first place, we are here to help you start a new dialogue. With our purpose-driven process and methodical approach, we can help you establish a framework that builds and protects your legacy for generations to come.

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