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Our clients and families have vastly different goals and dreams. We take great pride in working tirelessly to protect them from the most difficult of times and empower them during the best of times. The loss of a parent or spouse causes great anguish and, along with that grief, arises many questions and uncertainties about the future. We’ll work with you on the immediate administrative needs during your initial loss, collaborating with attorneys and accountants, as needed, to ensure you can focus on your family. We’ll formulate a thoughtful plan addressing the needs of today while helping to ensure you are well positioned for what the future may bring.


The loss of a parent is a devastating experience for anyone. Your parents worked hard for years to accumulate their wealth and it’s important you make well-informed decisions, particularly at a time when family members are emotional and family dynamics may be challenging. There’s an immense sense of responsibility when managing a loved one’s financial legacy. We’ll work with you to incorporate your inherited assets into your financial plan, collaborating with the attorney and accountant, navigating the process so it’s seamless and, most importantly, carefully preserves your parent’s financial wishes. We’ll also develop strategies to protect your newly inherited assets from the effects of estate taxes, preserving them for the benefit of your heirs.

My parents worked very hard to accumulate their wealth and it’s very important to me to preserve the wealth for my children. What are some scenarios for wealth preservation in the future?

My siblings and I have inherited our parent’s estate, which includes two houses. There’s disagreement about selling the homes, so how do we navigate this situation and make it fair for everyone involved?

I’ve inherited a sizable amount of money from my parents and I’d like to incorporate those new assets into my financial plan and possibly explore setting up a trust for my children. How do we get started?


The sudden loss of a spouse, particularly at a young age, is life-altering. While experiencing a tremendous amount of grief, there are dozens of decisions that have to made and it’s unlikely you’ll be immediately prepared or able to emotionally manage them. The landslide of documents, forms, and important decisions to be made may quickly start to feel overwhelming. During this difficult time, we’ll alleviate some of your stress by handling many of the necessary administrative duties, such assisting you with collecting death benefits and ensuring cash flow. We’ll also provide you with a snapshot of your spending, so we can quickly put a short-term plan in place. Once you are ready, we’ll establish a long-term plan that will make the most of your existing assets. Rest assured, we’ll help you navigate your loss and remain by your side to address your questions.

I’ve been devastated and shocked with the loss of my wife. She handled the bill paying and the finances and I am quickly becoming overwhelmed with the mounds of paperwork. How do I get on track in the short-term?

My spouse managed all the bills and I’m just not sure I have a clear picture of our actual financial reality. Can I maintain my current lifestyle?

My husband suddenly passed away and was the primary earner for our family. Although we have savings and death benefits, I am concerned about continuing to provide for my kids. How can you create an income plan that meets my needs?

This is devastating. It’s impossible to prepare for the emotional toll that this will take on you and your family. As you cope with your new reality, financial stress can mount. What should I do with the life insurance proceeds? Should I pay off the mortgage? Do we need to move? How will we continue our current lifestyle? The kids are suffering enough. I don’t want to change how we are living but I want to be financially responsible. These are all real concerns. But it’s critical to work with a financial planning professional. Don’t do it alone. As painful as your new reality is, now is the time to refocus your financial needs and measure the impact both short and long term. Come see us. Let us help guide you through this.


The life-altering loss of a spouse during retirement leaves the living spouse with grief and many uncertainties about their future financial situation. We can help in the short-term, as well as developing a plan for the long-term, particularly for surviving spouses that have not previously managed the family finances. The mounting pile of bills, documents, forms, and important decisions to be made may quickly start to feel overwhelming. In addition to assisting with the immediate necessary administrative duties, we can provide a plan forward for the short-term. Once you are ready to focus on the long-term, we’ll put a plan in place to maximize your assets and ensure income over the long-term. We know you’ll have a lot of questions. Vance Wealth will be here to help you navigate this difficult transition.

I just lost my spouse and they handled the finances for our entire marriage. I am overwhelmed. Where do I start?

After dealing with the loss of my husband, I am now trying to sort through our joint accounts and I need a new budget since my husband’s social security will cease. I’ll need to use some of our savings, but I want to be careful. Can you help reassess where I am now?

My wife just passed away after a long illness. I want to make sure that if I am ever unable to take care of myself, that I can afford long-term care, so my children don’t have to worry about the finances. What do I need to do?

What do you want your legacy to be? With your family? With your community? With your business? Pass your values to future generations. Be intentional, plan ahead, let us help ~ create plan, a roadmap that your beneficiaries can follow.