How To Define A Legacy

OUR APPROACH TO GENERATIONAL PROSPERITY We know you work hard to build a legacy that extends beyond yourself. Executed with intention, your financial plan forges a path to something greater – a better life for your family, security for the next generation, lasting support for a meaningful cause. When approached with the right plan, generational…

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Creating a Legacy: Achieve More through Purposeful Planning

Friends sitting around a dinner table outside with smiles. Creating a Legacy

Legacy planning is about more than passing on wealth to the next generation. At Vance Wealth, it’s also about passing on the stories, lessons and values that allowed you to accumulate your wealth in the first place.  “That’s how you build a legacy to last,” explained John Vance, President of Vance Wealth. “In fact, many…

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Legacy Series: Choosing A Trusted Contact

The Value of Having Your Kids Work in the Family Business

Legacy Planning is about more than passing on wealth to the next generation. Choosing A Trusted Contact With Support From The Vance Wealth Team What’s a Trusted Contact? A trusted contact is an individual you’ve authorized your financial firm to contact in specific circumstances, such as: 1. Your firm has been unable to reach you…

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5 Ways To Build A Meaningful Career Legacy

Legacy is about much more than a dollar amount. After you’ve poured your heart and soul into a business, it represents a significant part of your life’s work. Not only do you want it to thrive after you’re gone, but you also want to know that your impact made a difference – to you, your staff, your clients, and…

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