Vance Wealth Team Member Spotlight: Jake Johnson, Simplify365 Associate

As soon as Jake Johnson took his first job in the financial services industry, he quickly realized that helping others fulfill their financial dreams was exactly the kind of work that would fulfill him.

Born and raised in Santa Clarita, Jake graduated from Valencia High School and went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University, Northridge. After college, he decided to pursue his interest in financial services and took a position at a large financial firm as a Service Professional, assisting the firm’s advisors with admin and tech support to help streamline the customer experience.

Though this position solidified his interest in the field, it also made him realize that he wanted to work more directly with clients, so Jake began exploring positions that would allow him to work closely with clients. That’s when Jake’s father, who had been working with John Vance as his golf instructor, told him about an opening at Vance Wealth.

“I was ecstatic when I was able to meet with John and the team to interview for the role of Simplify365 Associate,” Jake shared. “It seems to have worked out, as I am now working in my new position, and I couldn’t be happier!” Jake works alongside the firm’s Wealth Advisors to help clients achieve more of their financial goals and dreams for the future. He’s also part of the team that’s developing and implementing the firm’s Simplify365 business offering, a profit-first planning system designed especially for busy business owners.

Between working with a great team and serving the Vance Wealth family of clients, Jake has found the professional fulfillment he was looking for, and he’s confidently on the path to achieving his dream of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. “People, understandably, get nervous about their money; I find it fulfilling to not only provide them reassurance but also to help them move one step closer toward creating the financial success they truly want,” Jake explained. Outside of the office, you can find Jake relaxing watching one of his favorite TV shows or movies, which has been a passion of his since he started acting at seven years old. But if he’s not kicking back with a good show, he enjoys writing, building computers, or spending time with his close friends.