Tax Tips: Why saving more right now isn’t always the best

Most people have one goal when it comes to taxes: Pay as little as possible on the next tax return. 

However, that isn’t how you save the most – or achieve the most – in the long-run. 

In fact, at Vance Wealth, we believe paying taxes is the goal. Why? It means you’re successfully growing and earning more over time. 

“Our goal is always to help you achieve more. That means it’s safe to assume that you’ll earn more as the years go on, so it’s also safe to assume that, right now, you’re qualifying for a lower tax bracket than you will be in the future,” explained John Vance, President and Visionary of Vance Wealth. 

“Yet one of the tax mistakes we see too often is last-minute strategies and purchasing decisions that prioritize savings right now. You’re taking the biggest deductions when the tax rate is lowest.”

At Vance Wealth, however, our goal is to minimize your lifetime tax liability. 

We evaluate several tax planning opportunities, including retirement, charitable giving, realizing capital gains, Roth IRA conversions, tax credit eligibility, and more. In addition, we can run projections to see how potential changes (e.g., filing status, dependents, the sale of a business, stock option exercises, etc.) may impact your upcoming tax liability.

“We work with your CPA or tax professional to ensure we’re serving the big picture, while simultaneously digging into the details with every decision,” John explained. “As the natural conduit between you and your tax preparer, we can ensure that your tax plan is successful this year – and for a lifetime.”

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