From the Desk of John Vance: To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

It’s that time again, when we transition from one year to the next, and I have to admit I kind of love everything it represents. The New Year gives us time to reassess and recalibrate our goals, which gives you a clear idea of how to move forward with fresh purpose. At Vance Wealth, we spend this time reviewing our 10-year and 3-year plans and based on any course corrections we need to make, we’ll update our 1-year plan, too. It’s been exciting to review our 2021 goals and accomplishments and figure out what we really want to work on in 2022. In terms of goals for the New Year, I’m dedicating myself to running a really healthy business that values our clients and creates a great environment for our team. I’m also focused on continuing my education because that’s how we deliver more value.  I’ve set myself the goal to read 24 books this year. As a firm, we hope to grow our team by adding two more positions; one in client services and one on the advisor path. I’m very excited to see where our team will take us this year.

But last quarter wasn’t all   – we also enjoyed some downtime as a family. Carmen’s sister, Alexis, got married in Carmel, just two miles from Jerrod’s parents’ house. Jim and Jody Ferguson invited all of us to stay with them, which was awesome and a lot of fun. We also kicked off 2022 with a trip to Maui with just the older kids. We have two 16-year-olds and two 18-year-olds right now, so it was a lot of fun getting some good R&R and quality time with them, as we all know they grow up fast. So far, 2022 is off to a great start, and we’re all feeling rested and ready to achieve more this year.