Q & A with Tyler Tilton

Get to know the personal side of your finance professionals.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of the Vance Wealth company culture?

A: We collaborate really well as a team. I like the company structure because it allows us to
work well together and accomplish our goals. Vance Wealth truly is a family.

Q: What core value resonates with you most?

A: I really connect with the commitment to continuous growth
because that’s how I approach my personal and professional life. I try to do one thing to better
myself every day.

Q: What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

A: Throughout quarantine, I’ve had the same consistent group of friends that I’ve been
spending time with. We’ll switch it up and go to the beach in Newport or Laguna, and we’ve also
done a lot of golfing. After working from home during the week, it’s nice to get out and do
something with my friends on the weekends.

Q: Have you been reading, watching or listening to anything good lately?

A: As far as podcasts go, I like The Tim Ferriss Show. And one of the side effects of
quarantine has definitely been more downtime to watch TV. Some of my favorite shows are
“Billions,” “Succession,” “Yellowstone,” and “Outlander.”

Tyler Tilton is a Wealth Advisor for Vance Wealth and can be t [email protected].