Daily Steps To Long Term Success – The Importance of Operational Efficiency for Business Owners

If a financial plan is a company’s roadmap to success, then its operations are the daily steps to achieve that success. That’s why it’s so important to have a financial planning team that not only understands your goals, but also offers the tools and advice to help you put them in motion.

After all, your planning is only as effective as your operations.

“One of the areas we create a constant conversation around is implementation, for business owners, that means operational efficiency,” explained John Vance.

At Vance Wealth, a business owner’s financial plan begins with a full assessment of cash reserves, assets, staff, payroll and benefit packages – as well as a look at company culture, customer experience and more.

Simply looking at the numbers isn’t enough.

“We can’t set goals to move forward without a clear picture of how things are actually working right now,” John explained. “A great way to figure out what’s working – and what’s not – is to survey your clients for feedback. We welcome suggestions at Vance Wealth because it gives us a fairly good sense of how we’re performing operationally.”

Once you have a clear set of goals and some constructive feedback about how to move forward, then you’ll need a good team to implement these changes.

“Over the last three years, we’ve grown our team from 6 to 13 employees, while also growing our family of clients,” John explained. “From an operational perspective, I knew we needed someone who could oversee our processes and ensure our client experience is second to none. That’s why we brought Chris Pelch back to the team as our new Chief Operating Officer.”

With a diverse and unique set of skills, Chris is returning to Vance Wealth after he left in 2017 to expand his education, knowledge base and experience. Today, he adds an expertise in teaching, operations management, and financial planning to a team he’s always called family.

“I’m extremely excited about this role because I get to focus on the overall growth of the firm, while also figuring out how I can break down barriers for a team that’s already doing great work,” Chris explained. “My goal is to allow each member of the team to focus on the areas where they excel, while providing additional support in the areas where we can grow.”

When Chris left Vance Wealth in 2017, he went back to earn his Master’s in Business Administration, so he could better understand a business’ journey from the inside out. With this unique perspective, plus a background in teaching, Chris is uniquely positioned to help Vance Wealth – and its clients – experience the power of operational efficiency.

“I’m here to help businesses grow according to plan,” Chris explained, “and the best way I know how to do that is with a financial plan that maximizes operational efficiency – so everyone can achieve more together.”

Does your financial plan include an in-depth look at operational efficiency? To find out, we encourage you to book a complimentary consultation with one of our Wealth Advisors by calling Lauren Fox at 661-775-0950.