From the Desk of John Vance – To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family

To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family,

Though it’s been a tough year in many ways, I’ve spent a lot of this time looking for the silver linings and hidden opportunities, and in October, I found one when I got the chance to do something special with my daughter, Lauren.

As a student at Valencia High School, her new reality is attending senior year from her bedroom every day, which isn’t how any of us imagined it. So, to find the positive, we thought we’d go on a spontaneous road trip, just the two of us. We wanted to make the most of the time we have together before she graduates – and look at some colleges while we’re at it.

The silver lining of our current circumstances is that, today, we can do so much remotely, and that shift allowed us the unique opportunity to pick up and go on a trip like this one. Within a few days, we were on the road – ready to hit 10 cities. For almost three weeks, we spent the morning working from our hotel and the afternoon touring college campuses throughout the country. Some of our stops included Reno, Boise, Denver, Phoenix and more. We made sure to fit in some sights, too, and visited Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore.

We got to see parts of America I’ve never seen before, and we really enjoyed just talking, laughing and having a great time. I was grateful for her captive attention before she heads off to college next year.

I am so thankful for this trip with my daughter because in no other time would we be able to take such a spontaneous trip. With the reality of what we’ve all been living through, this is one very special silver lining.