Vance Wealth Team Spotlight – Meet Tyler Tilton, Wealth Advisor

A numbers guy at heart, Wealth Advisor Tyler Tilton quickly realized the true joy of financial planning was building relationships.

Armed with a degree in finance, Tyler entered the financial services industry as an analyst, but within his first year, he learned his professional life needed something more – the satisfaction of helping others.

On the recommendation of a family friend and Vance Wealth client, Tyler reached out to John. While there wasn’t an opening on the Vance Wealth team at the time, John quickly realized Tyler’s potential and alignment with Vance Wealth’s core values. Tyler met the team and was hired shortly after.

Today, Tyler’s greatest sense of accomplishment comes from his role as a Wealth Advisor at Vance Wealth, where he fills his day with plenty of client interaction, a generous portion of strategic planning, and just enough of the numbers.

On the relationship side, Tyler enjoys working with clients to craft a personalized plan that helps them establish financial independence and achieve more. The opportunity to help others secure a financial plan for today, while simultaneously building a better tomorrow, gives Tyler a sense of fulfillment that pushes him to excel.

On the financial side, Tyler’s background in analytics makes him an asset in the investing and trading arenas. He currently works on money management and trading and he’s responsible for conducting due diligence on all of the organization’s investments.

With a happy marriage of technical and interpersonal skills, Tyler successfully serves business owners and families, oversees the Investment Committee, and even fosters new business development.

When Tyler is not in the office, he can be found at the gym or enjoying the outdoors. He loves warm weather activities as much as cold, from wakeboarding to snowboarding. Tyler also loves all types of music, particularly country, and he’s proud to be an alumnus of the University of San Diego.

Tyler Tilton is a Wealth Advisor for Vance Wealth and can be reached at [email protected].