Improve the health of your retirement plan with Advanced 401K Solutions

Vance Wealth has long committed to provide consistent education to team members, clients and the community. It’s more than a promise; it’s a care philosophy that guides our culture and growth. When we noticed a glaring gap in education and services for business owners and their employees; we felt compelled to act.

“Our market research, concluded that the small-business space was underserved and undereducated in terms of their 401k plan options,” explained John Vance, Founder and President of Vance Wealth. “This was particularly problematic because we believe in order to educate our community on financial best practices, we need to reach people at the start of their retirement-saving journey — not the end.”

Inspired by a clear demand, Advanced 401k Solutions was born. Vance Wealth’s newest service provides customized solutions for small-business retirement plans, with the same care that makes our core services so successful.

“At Advanced 401k Solutions, we take pride in designing highly customized retirement plans that meet your distinct needs. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to retirement plan design,” John explained. “Instead, we collaborate with our clients to develop a process that works for you.”

Clients of Advanced 401k Solutions also receive the hands-on, companywide education Vance Wealth is known for. Our service includes an on-site consultation with your company, as well as one-on-one meetings with your employees, to ensure everyone’s specific questions are answered. We do this because we believe it improves outcomes across the board. Most important, perhaps, is our ability to share responsibility as a co-fiduciary on investment selection and monitoring.

“The more financially empowered your employees feel, the happier they are at work and at home,” John said. “That’s the kind of win-win we strive for at Advanced 401K Solutions.”


To schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Advanced 401k Solutions advisors, please contact Tara White at 888-775-0950 or [email protected].


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