From the Desk of John Vance – Learning & Laughing All Summer Long

The professional highlight of our third quarter at Vance Wealth was a three-day Raymond James educational conference in the beautiful Ojai Valley. Raymond James always presents fresh and innovative content that allows us to better serve our clients.

In early September, the Ojai conference did not disappoint. The top 40 advisors from the West Coast were in attendance and it brought together our best colleagues from Alaska to Southern California. We enjoyed catching up with other advisors and learning about successful strategies that help their clients achieve more.

One of the more interesting discussions explained why there’s much to be optimistic about in the current financial climate — despite what we may hear about fear and volatility. The presentations shed light on the many positive things that are happening in our economy right now, which was a refreshing perspective amid the more common narrative.

We’re excited to bring this information back to you through our complimentary workshops, community outreach and regular content. So keep an eye out for updates on our blog, social media channels and events calendar.

Back at the office, we celebrated a few milestones, from birthdays to promotions. Jerrod was officially named Vice President of Vance Wealth and he also celebrated 11 years with the company. Lisa also celebrated a work anniversary with 7 years at Vance Wealth, while Tara and Jason happily marked their first year. Throughout the quarter, Robin, Tyler, Shanele and Tara celebrated summer birthdays, and the entire team spent an afternoon hanging out poolside at the Vance house.

It was nice to take advantage of the long summer days over this past quarter, since it allowed the entire team to enjoy a little more time with family. We tend to mindfully slow down during the summer quarter, so when we gear up for the final quarter, we’re well-rested and enthusiastic about ending the year with as much energy and focus as we possibly can. Looking ahead to the final quarter, we wish you a happy and successful fall season, and we hope to see you in the office to discuss your year-end victories very soon!