From the Desk of John Vance

To Our Vance Wealth Friends and Family,

 Sometimes it feels like we spend the whole year waiting for the dog days of summer, only to say goodbye to them too quickly. But this year, we really soaked up the best of our summer with multiple trips to the water and many meals that brought the entire family together around one table.

We kicked off July with a family trip to Lake Nacimiento, near Paso Robles, in Central California. As guests at a friend’s lake house, we were able to really relax together as we felt the end of summer vacation creeping upon us. Our hosts were amazing during our 5-day stay, where we spent most of our time out on the water, enjoying boating, kayaking, paddle boarding or just hanging out on the dock. Such an idyllic environment called for nightly barbecues and we even tried our hand at smoking meats. The kids had a great time, and as a special bonus, there was no wifi nor cell reception on the lake. I think everyone felt a little more present and connected without interruption from the rest of the world.

Back at home, the kids got ready for the start of a new school year. Carmen and I were excited to see our girls, Kate and Tara, start high school this year, bringing the family count to four high school students: two freshmen and two juniors. We love watching them double up as they go to football games or homecoming dances together. So far the younger two are really enjoying their transition out of junior high and onto a campus with the older kids.

With school back in session, Carmen and I joined six other couples that we know through Valencia Country Club, and rented a house down in Cabo. The house came with a personal chef and other amenities, which gave us the opportunity to just have fun and celebrate some birthdays within the group. The weather was warm and it was nice to have some time together without having to worry about being Mom and Dad.

This was followed by a quick family trip to Newport over the Labor Day holiday weekend. The whole family celebrated Shanele’s 40th birthday with a few other families. Our Newport trip was the perfect way to take advantage of the fading days of summer and it left us well rested to take on the upcoming fall quarter.

As we get ready to wrap up another year, we wish you and your family as many memorable days and family gatherings as we were so lucky to enjoy this summer.