Longtime Vance Wealth Team Member Barbara Erickson Announces Semi-retirement

One of the privileges of being on the Vance Wealth team is helping you design a completely unique financial journey — and then watching as you reach success and independence in finances and life. Today, we are proud to watch one of our own do the same.

“Just as we want each of you to achieve your ideal life, we hope for the same for our team members,” said President John Vance, “so we ask you to join us in celebrating the semi-retirement and departure of longtime Vance team member Barbara Erickson. For 11 years, we’ve valued her commitment to making a difference for you at every opportunity, and her dedicated spirit will truly be missed.”

When Barbara joined Vance Wealth in 2007, she was one of just three on the team. Business was growing, and from the start, she was instrumental in taking the company to the next level. As the most senior position in her department, Barbara quickly understood her role as Client Services Manager was a balance of knowing people’s needs in finances and life.

“Barb is the first voice you hear,” John said. “Her personal relationships and deep knowledge of the company have been vital in helping us achieve your financial goals. She went above and beyond at a moment’s notice and found solutions with urgency.”

Beyond her contributions to the team, Barbara became a friend to everyone in the office.

“When she came to work for us, Barb was a hard-working single mom with two boys in elementary school,” John recalled. “She never missed a day and was always committed to being here.”

And Barbara still remembers meeting John’s kids for the first time.

“Both of them were in diapers,” Barbara said. “We’ve watched each other’s families grow up.”

During her years with Vance, Barbara got engaged and married, sent two boys off to college, and called Valencia home. She shared many exciting moments with the entire Vance family. Barbara loved hearing stories about vacations and family, and she made clients’ priorities her own.

“You’re much more than clients to us, and we work to take care of you like family. Barb really takes that to heart,” John said.

“I really do have some special bonds here at Vance,” Barbara said, “and I truly care about what you go through. I love to hear stories about your lives, and that’s the part I’m really going to miss.”

Looking ahead, Barbara is excited to celebrate her semi-retirement by spending more time with her husband and enjoying their favorite hobbies. She plans to hike more often, explore the High Sierras, and go fishing — while maybe enjoying a few good beers. She may even work or volunteer if she doesn’t feel like fully settling down just yet.

“I don’t know exactly what’s in store for me, but I’m excited to spend my time outdoors, with my family,” she said with a smile.

Barbara’s last day with Vance Wealth will be June 13, and in the meantime, she’s working closely with Robin Strauss, who will take the position as Client Service Associate after Barbara’s departure.

“As a member of our team, Barbara was a constant reminder that Vance Wealth will always be by your side, through all of life’s challenges,” John said. “She will be missed by the entire Vance family, and we are very grateful she’s imparting her knowledge and experience to Robin before she says goodbye. It’s a continuation of her contributions and legacy at Vance Wealth.”

If you would like to keep in touch with Barbara, she has invited all her Vance Wealth friends to keep in touch with her via cell phone, at 661-904-6762, or email, at [email protected].


The Vance Wealth Team

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