Shanele Stoll

Sales & Marketing Manager

In the world of financial services, Shanele Stoll brings a refreshing perspective and vibrant positivity into the team dynamic. As the Sales and Marketing Manager at Vance Wealth, Shanele is driven by a singular goal: to make a significant impact on company growth. With a seamless integration of sales and marketing, she aims to broaden the firm's reach, deepen client relationships, and drive revenue by aligning efforts with strategic objectives.

Shanele's responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of activities. Leading both sales and marketing teams, she provides guidance, fosters development, and ensures alignment with organizational goals. Shanele is also deeply invested in upholding and enhancing Vance Wealth's brand image. As the custodian of brand integrity, she ensures consistency across all touchpoints, fostering brand prominence in the market.
By providing clear targets and feedback to the sales team, she drives prospecting efforts and identifies areas for growth. With a focus on teamwork, communication, and strategic alignment, Shanele is committed to driving Vance Wealth's success and fostering long-term client loyalty.

Originally from Santa Clarita, Shanele now calls Brock, Texas home, where she resides with her husband—her high school sweetheart—and their three daughters. In her free time, Shanele lives an active lifestyle, cycling, running, and organizing community hikes.