Patti Handy, Wealth Advisor at Vance Wealth, has announced her decision to resign from Vance Wealth in the Spring to pursue her passion for empowering women through financial coaching. Patti has years of experience as a Financial Advisor and a Mortgage Advisor and has witnessed the overwhelming challenges faced by women when it comes to personal finances. 


With a heart for teaching, Patti is now venturing out on her own, offering an online program, called Minding Her Money, which also incorporates live group coaching. This program is specifically designed to help divorced, widowed, and single women overcome the challenges they face in managing their finances and gain confidence in their financial future. 


“Although we are sad to see her go, we are happy Patti is following her passion of serving women in this much needed area,” said John Vance. “She has been a valuable part of the team and we know she has built strong connections with our clients.”


Patti will stay on at Vance Wealth for the next few months, as she transitions her clients to a new Advisor. “It has been an honor to work at Vance Wealth and meet such wonderful clients, all of which I will treasure,” Patti said.


“I am so excited to take this next step in my career and make a bigger impact in the lives of women,” said Patti Handy. “I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered when it comes to their finances, and I am committed to making that a reality.”


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About Patti Handy:

Patti Handy is a former Wealth Advisor and Mortgage Advisor, turned Financial Coach. With years of experience in the financial industry, Patti has a passion for empowering women through financial coaching. She offers an online program that incorporates live group coaching, designed to help divorced, widowed, and single women gain confidence in their financial future.

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