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How Do You Define Wealth?

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The True Purpose Of Vance Wealth

At Vance Wealth, financial planning isn’t just about the numbers. Through thoughtful planning and introspective goal setting, we strive to show you how financial success can support a long, healthy life and create a lasting impact for you, your loved ones, and your community. Why? In our experience, true wealth has the means to improve your life and the lives of others.

As we look ahead to a new decade, we’ve been deeply inspired to redefine the meaning of true wealth.

Today, many are so hyper-focused on world problems that they’re overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness and pessimism about what is achievable as individuals and as a society. But we see a different picture. We hear stories about the positive impact our clients create for those close to them. We watch them change the world with their wealth, starting at home and in their communities. By acknowledging the multifaceted meaning of wealth, we see the bigger picture — and we help our clients do the same.

So in 2020, let us all embrace a new definition of wealth. Today, to be truly wealthy is to have the physical, mental, and financial resources to make the impact you always imagined. It’s showing up as the best version of yourself, every day, so you can give, receive, and achieve more.  True wealth is a daily commitment to achieving more in life, business, health, and spirit.

As we move forward with this refreshed definition of wealth, we plan to share new content with you. Expect to see more information about living a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy life, so you can not only afford a long retirement but enjoy it, too. We’ll share insights about our own journeys, as we strive to approach each day with intention and function at our highest capacities.

As we achieve more, we have more to give. And, that’s what we want for you in 2020 and for years to come.

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